About Us

Welcome to Harold Moore Manufacturing in the UK since 1913 the Moore family ethos of innovation & quality continues to drive everything we do.

Originally founded in 1913 to manufacture handles for cutlery, Harold Moore has always sought out the latest materials and produced products demanded by specific markets, either on our own account or in close collaboration with trusted partners.

Harold Moore

The company started by replacing its ivory products with new polymers that were becoming available at the start of the 20th century. We became one of the first injection moulders and avoided making munitions during the world wars by producing components for medical instruments instead. We were therefore able to extend this expertise commercially in peacetime and specialise in engineering-grade work.

Harold Moore still produces cutlery handles as well as many bespoke products for quality-conscious customers, however, we are now especially noted for our own range of shovels, scoops, scrapers and other tools that are used throughout the food, cleaning, equestrian, marine, building and other industries worldwide. Ours is the largest range of such products available anywhere and it is a range renowned for durability and usability.

For over 30 years Harold Moore has specialised in making the highest quality thermoplastic injection moulded hand tools and continued its pioneering work in both product design and material development. This expertise is proudly displayed throughout all of the hand tools that make up our unique product ranges.

Our products are virtually unbreakable and exhibit excellent wear resistance against concrete and hard floor surfaces. Unlike metal counterparts, each product is lightweight, will not rot or rust and is less likely to damage valuable machinery and surfaces.

To retain control of our stringent standards and quality, we continue to manufacture all our products at our UK factory. Manufactured from our own formulated materials and developed over years of experience, each product is innovatively designed for purpose and ease of use without compromising on strength, durability and quality.

Our attitude to quality does not stop there. We are also committed to providing the best service we can. Our delivery performance is second to none; our products are manufactured to stock to enable a fast and efficient delivery service to both our UK and global customers.

Our products reflect years of practical experience within the industry and are innovatively designed for purpose and ease of use without compromising on strength and durability. Our products are the strongest and most durable on the market. You could run a 40-tonne truck over our range of shovels* to test their absolute strength and durability.

* The 03OS self assembly shovel with hollow shaft does not take kindly to this sort of treatment, however it was never designed to. All premium range shovels will withstand this test. You just have to find a 40-tonne truck and a friendly driver.