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Exclusion of Liability

Information supplied on this website is provided in good faith to assist the correct specification and application of the company products. The information provided is accurate to the best knowledge and belief of the company. The use and application of the information contained remains at all times the responsibility of the user to ensure the suitability of the products for the intended application. The company accepts no liability whatsoever (except as otherwise provided by law) arising out of the use or misuse of the information provided.

Quality Assurance

All products represented on this website conform to European Directive 2007/19 EC and in accordance with American FDA CFR 21 177.1520 (olefin polymers). The materials, processes and systems involved in the manufacturing process have been assessed by our quality control regulations. This assessment defines the quality systems and controls necessary to ensure production to an approved level of functional and organisational capacity. We confirm that the base materials used for the manufacturing of our products may be safely used to produce articles intended for use in direct food contact applications; processing, handling and packaging food in accordance with the above stated regulations and CFR177.1500 (Nylon resins).

Data Protection and Privacy Policy

Harold Moore complies fully with all applicable Data Protection and consumer legislation, and will treat all personal information supplied as fully confidential.

Whenever you submit information to Harold Moore Ltd through this website or by any others means, you consent to the collection and use of that information for Harold Moore customer database records. We regard our database of customer information as a valuable asset and may use certain personal information to compile and analyse data to help us improve our services and products.

We will ensure that your personal details remain confidential and are never released to any outside company for mailing or marketing purposes. Our principal activities are the manufacture and distribution of Harold Moore products; end user and retail enquiries and personal information may be forwarded to appropriate authorised distributors of Harold Moore products.

By using this site and providing your personal information you consent with the terms of this Privacy Policy.

Technical Support

In order to support your use or resale of our products we endeavour to provide any technical data that you require. We have copies of all relevant food contact certification available plus product specific data and specifications, chemical resistance data and a comprehensive library of product images to help you select the right product for the right job.

Please let us know if you require a representatives to visit you and discuss the products, merchandising and further product specific assistance for your websites and you literature.
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